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Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains just above Los Gatos, California, ManyFriends Brewing Company makes small-batch, premium craft beer for distribution to local watering-holes.

We're Type-23 Small Beer Manufacturer, so sales to licensed beer outlets only (for now!)



Sixtels, 1/2-bbls and some bottles.
Currently we have available:

"Dirty Blonde" Ale, Holiday edition

ABV: 6.13% IBU: 18

Just a tad darker than the blonde ale you're used to; hence, "dirty blonde". Very light bittering, but dry-hopped (or, as we call it, "cold hopped") with a light Cascade, which lets the sweeter malt flavors shine through.
Jefferson American Pale Ale

ABV 5.2% IBU: 64

All-American Pale Ale, full bodied but less bitter than an IPA, allowing the malt flavors to really come through. Good ol' American Cascade gives the finishing hop flavor.
Pretty Purple Porter (#5)

ABV: 6.27% IBU: 26

Full of body, with a soft mouth feel, it's a solid, dependable porter with barely a hint of toasted chocolate. Darned-good stuff, if we say so, ourselves! (Also, it's not really purple!)







Who is "ManyFriends"...?

Created in 2001, ManyFriends was founded with the idea of bringing people together to interact in safe, fun, playful ways.

A slightly longer version of our story can be found on our blog


Other Random Thoughts...

Folks sometimes ask what kinds of beer we make. I made a blog post to talk about that.

...That's actually a continuation of my earlier post where I share some Thoughts on beer styles (Part 1; to be continued...!).



Where do I get some of that delicious ManyFriends beer?

If you're "the general public", we can't sell direct to you (yet!), but hit-up your local neighborhood public beer house and tell them to contact us about getting some!

If you're a bar, restaurant, liquor store, olive-oil botique, laundr-o-mat or other licensed beer seller that is looking for some high quality, no-B.S. beer to serve your patrons, give us a jingle at:

Contact info:

Ted Oliverio, Proprietor
ManyFriends Brewing Company
PO Box 33241
Los Gatos, CA 95031

Send us email:



Legal & other fine-print...  

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